This magnificent 800 years old monument was on my bucketlist since the time I paid a visit to Divrigi Mosque in Sivas, but couldn’t geta chance to stop by and feel its respectful aesthetic. It made me so happy tosee it and explore in an out for hours. Esrefoglu Mosque is the most charmingof the Asia Minor mosques with its timber poles and Seljukian style flat slabceiling.

Where is it?

Esrefoglu Mosque is located in Konya city right next to Beysehir Lake. However it takes around 1 and half hours to reach there from the city center by road. In another words, you can locate it to your itinerary if you are staying more than one nights in Konya. On the other hand, since it is not on the famous tourist track, you will most probably be the only foreigner inside the structure during your visit, which is another great feeling :)

Style of Architecture

It is actually located in a complex that has also a caravanserai, a hamam and a shrine. There are 46 timber poles that are carrying the ceiling of the monument. You will easily realize the 6 meters long altar with its turquoise and purple glazed tiles once you take off your shoes and get inside. There is a snow pool in the middle of the mosque. Right on top of that, there is also a hole in the ceiling facing to that pool. There are of course too many information about this setup such as; They left a hole to the ceiling so it lightens the interior, during the winter time they collect the snow in to this pool and cover it with hay and felt so they can use what is left under it during the summer time to chill the staff and the last use of this hole and pool is to prevent the timber components from drying. 800 years ago! How intelligent!

Another impressive stuff is located right next to the altar named pulpit which is made out of walnut tree. It has carved decorations on it and the most amazing detail for the pulpit is that they didn’t use any glue or pin to build it. The timber columns are made of cedar trees. Another interesting detail is that Seljukians have kept the mall in the water for around 6 months before use them as columns. This way, the builders have realized that they became stronger. There are of course many other details about the mosque and we highly recommend you to see it. For more questions, please contact us.

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