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Who We Are

Merhaba! My name is Kadir. I was born and raised in a small village in the west coast of Turkey and studied foreign languages in Bergama aka Pergamon. The city I grew is a popular tourist destination and during my education, I kept browsing the options of finding a job that can make me communicate with tourists. I eventually made up my mind in tourism and studied Professional Tourist Guiding in even more touristic place; Cappadocia. During my training, my passion to guiding grew day by day and when I graduated in 2008, I thought I am ready to serve. I was able to see my imperfection to handle my own business during my career in tourism before I got graduated so to develop better skills, I have worked in a couple of travel agencies based in Cappadocia. After 2 years of freelance guiding and travel consulting, I have decided to establish my own company in July 2014 and things even got better and easier when Erkan joined me in this challenge in December 2014. It has been 12 years since I am involved to the tourism industry in Turkey and looking back to the very first year of our company, it looks like we are doing a good job. Thank you very much in advance for choosing Turkey to travel and Welcome to our country.

Merhaba! My name is Erkan. I was born in a small village like Kadir in a popular tourist destination as well; Cappadocia. I had to live in different cities if Turkey because of my father’s job and got back to Cappadocia for my university education. I have a degree in tourism and hotel management and worked abroad in USA. After spending two seasons in North Carolina and one in Virginia, I have decided to return to Turkey and get married here in my own country. I have established my first business in Istanbul and managed it for 3 years before getting back to my roots in Cappadocia. I have got married and started a new life here in this poetic region. Since running my own business has always been a passion since I left my earlier company in Istanbul, I quit my job and joined Kadir. We have combined our management skills here in TurkeyTourOrganizer and I see that the first year of our company has been very successful; especially testimonials of our guests confirm that. I highly appreciate your interest to our country as well and would like to say ‘Welcome’ in advance. Let's meet where history, culture, nature and tolerance blend...