How far is it from Kaleici/Antalya?

Takes around 32 miles from Kaleici/Antalya, Aspendos Theatre is a "must-see" site located near Serik. However it won't cover your whole day so you need to combine it with somewhere elses (Either Kursunlu or Duden waterfalls, Perge Ancient City and Antalya museum can be a nice tour program for a day trip in Antalya)


The theatre of Aspendos is the best preserved ancient theatre located in Turkey. In another word I can say that it is the most impressive Roman structure of Pamphylia as well (province of Roman Empire). Upper section (as you can see from the picture above) is the most scenic point of the theatre. Once it was covered by marble and luxuriously decorated with 40 columns. The capacity of the theatre is about 15,000 people. After all these years, Seljucks repaired some parts of the theatre and used it as a caravanserai for a while by adding some small additions.

It was built in the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD) as a gift to the city and dedication to the gods of the city.

Funny Romans

How can you ignore the hot weather and wear these costumes to entertain visitors? These two friends deserve a definite applause. There is also a photographer in the team and they are posing with their funny looks. You can have a chance to take some pictures with them as a nice memory. At the entrance, you will see the section that you can purchase your pictures by choosing from the computer. Here is another one with Naz;

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